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Bonitz CEO, Pete Larmore, was onsite at a project in Huntersville, North Carolina where he spent time with our Charlotte-based foreman, Roger Manzano, and his team. Amidst Coronavirus concerns and updated safety procedures, such as social distancing, Roger shared with Pete his solutions to further improve the safety of his team while on the jobsite.

With Power of the Team as one of Bonitz’s core values, Roger knew that having his team together for meetings and providing necessary communication was a must, even in this time of keeping distance from one another. So, Roger developed a new system for his team. In the below video, Roger explains the single-file system where he marked standing points for his team at a 6-foot distance from one another.

He also posted updates regarding the Coronavirus and had a sanitation station nearby to provide further protection. With this new setup in place, the team on this jobsite was able to hold meetings whenever necessary, while keeping the health and safety of themselves and their families a priority. It is inventive, resourceful thinking like this from our foremen and teams across Bonitz’s 15+ locations that have helped keep the Bonitz family safe in these uncertain times. We are fortunate to have such dedicated, talented, and caring individuals on our team. A special thank you to those on the Kurz project for sharing their insights, safety precautions, and expertise.

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