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  • Ashley Rice

Gold Prize in Healthcare - Starnet Design Awards

Gold in Healthcare: Bonitz, Inc. ; Rupert Huse Veteran Center

Bonitz took home the gold in the Healthcare category at this year's Annual Starnet Design Awards. The event, held in the beautiful surroundings of Amelia Island, FL, was a memorable evening spent celebrating with our dedicated Bonitz associates and our incredible vendor partners. This achievement is a testament to the hard work and collaboration that went into the construction of the Rupert Huse Veteran Center project. Every member of our team and every partner involved contributed their expertise and passion, and their efforts truly shone through in the final result.

We're also proud to share that Brian Steadman, our Director of Sales in Greenville, SC, received a Dream Team award for his outstanding partnership with Heidi Burmeister of Milliken. Their dedication exemplifies the strong relationships we value in our industry, where teamwork and mutual support are essential to success.

Reflecting on our journey, it's inspiring to see how our range of services has expanded over the years, particularly in the Healthcare sector. We've achieved remarkable milestones, and we look forward to further growth as we continue to expand into new markets. At Bonitz, we believe in the power of collaboration and innovation. This award is not only a recognition of our past accomplishments but also a motivation to strive for even greater achievements in the future. We thank everyone who contributed to this phenomenal project and look forward to the exciting opportunities ahead.

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