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Flooring carpet tiles

From install to maintenance, we cover all of your flooring needs. Bonitz is one of the nation’s largest employee-owned, Starnet-affiliated, flooring contractors. Through our independent nature, we are able to provide unbiased product recommendations and excellent service.

Our flooring solutions:

With so many options for your next project, one of our strengths is helping you find exactly the right flooring for your unique needs. Through our industry involvement, Bonitz stays at the forefront of product development and performance reports. This allows us to consistently identify products that fit special needs in our customers’ facilities.

Library lift and furniture lift systems


Thanks to our Library Lift and Furniture Lift systems, our team is able to install your new flooring without any disruption to the work day. These unique systems gently lift office furniture and library shelves so we can install your new flooring underneath. We've saved our customers thousands of man hours that would otherwise be dedicated to restocking library shelves and moving office furniture.


Our Cleaning & Maintenance solutions can keep your flooring investment looking its best. We offer both Proactive Maintenance and Restoration Services to our customers to help preserve the appearance of their flooring, maximize ROI, and avoid early replacement.

Before and after cleaning, maintenance, and restoration of flooring
Carpet texture


Thanks to our Starnet connections, we partner with vendors and manufacturers across the country. We have the capability of taking care of you, nationwide. Our unbiased approach ensures that we bring the right products to your project to meet your needs.

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Our Flooring Installs

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