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Specialty wall systems and acoustical panels

We are Specialty Trade Commercial Contractors.

We are a leading commercial specialty trade contractor providing solutions in flooring, ceilings, wall systems, specialty products, and cleaning & maintenance. We specialize in world-class project consulting and project management to achieve outstanding results for our customers.

Custom carpet flooring corporate office space

Our Design & Project Specialists engage the architectural and design community to provide resourceful consultation and solutions.

Commercial corporate office space with hardwood flooring and carpet tiles

Our Customers

We partner with every stakeholder throughout each commercial project. We have vast experience working with General Contractors, Architects, Vendor Partners, and End Users.

Our Process

Trusting us with your project means we're going on a journey together. Our team of Project Consulting and Project Management experts ensure all of your space's solutions work seamlessly together. 

Bonitz Charlotte corporate office design library

design & product exploration

Our Design & Project Specialists are experts in blending design and functionality to bring your vision to life while satisfying budgetary requirements. This becomes the first step of our innovative process to support us in brining the future to the present. Their expertise combined with Bonitz's independent nature allow us to make unbiased recommendations and market selections best catered to your needs.

Commercial corporate office space renovation with hardwood flooring and carpet tiles

solution development

After bringing in our design and product expertise, we hone into what matters most. Then we leverage our years of experience, industry expertise and dedicated teams to provide comprehensive solutions for your project. Our regional influence and knowledge will enable us to determine the best products and services to accomplish your goals.

Commercial construction estimating services

estimating & coordinating

Our estimating team uses leading software to visualize install. We then thoroughly examine project schedules to fulfill labor and material needs. This ensures the timely progression of your project from start to finish.

Bonitz project manager for commercial construction featuring custom wall system

project management

Our Project Managers and Project Consultants are your personal points of contact. Our associates are experienced, dedicated and efficient in keeping your project on schedule and within budget. Our company-wide Risk Management program ensures safety is always the top priority throughout this entire period.

 Cynthia Graham Hurd St. Andrews Regional Library in Charleston SC

project completion

Upon the seamless completion of your project, your space is ready for use and occupancy!

Commercial custom flooring for office space

cleaning & maintenance

Protect your investment for years to come with our post-installation cleaning solutions and maintenance services. Whether your goal is maintaining visual appearance or mitigating mold, viruses and bacteria, our Floorcare team does it all with flexible hours to accommodate your schedule.

Wando Mount Pleasant Library renovation with carpet tile and specialty ceilings

Hire Bonitz for your Project

We are subject matter experts in the solutions we provide. You'll find our diverse and experienced team ready to own your project from start to finish.

We leverage our unbiased nature to partner with our vendors and customers to strategically meet all project needs. 


Our customer-focused approach is the reason the vast majority of our jobs stem from existing customers.



Our passionate, multidisciplinary team sets us apart.

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