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Our Ceiling Installs


Our ceiling work has transformed many commercial spaces throughout our long history. Regardless of the industry, jobsite challenges, and technical needs, our internal experts can help determine the best products and services for your project.

Types of ceilings we specialize in:

  • Acoustical Ceilings

  • Mineral fiber

  • Fiberglass

  • Metal

  • Felt panels

  • Wood

  • Sound baffles, diffusers, deflectors

  • Plus custom wall system solutions!

Cynthia graham hurd st. andrews library, custom ceiling tiles and interior lighting

We begin by understanding your project’s unique needs. Our team will navigate the many ceiling options to find the best fit for your project. Whether you know exactly what you’re looking for or don’t quite know where to begin, our team will help you meet all sound, lighting, aesthetic, and budgetary goals for your space.

As a member of CISCA (Ceilings & Interior Systems Construction Association), we partner with vendors nationwide to provide unbiased recommendations. Our involvement enables us to leverage relationships, participate in continuing education, and be privy to innovative, new products.

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