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New Regional Sales Positions

Bonitz Inc. is excited to announce the promotion of three of its leaders to new strategic roles. Tanya Jones, Seth Koplin, and William Huckaby will each be serving as Regional Director of Sales.

The Regional Directors of Sales will be reporting directly to Dan Tilley, Senior Vice President of Sales. “This is the first of many steps towards the intentional re-alignment of our organization,” says Tilley. “This change demonstrates our commitment to put people in positions that align with their purpose and passion, which will ultimately better serve our customers and present a scalable model for growth.”

Before this promotion Tanya Jones was serving as Director of Sales in Greenville, SC. Over the past seven years, she has shown her dedication to Bonitz, helping to make Greenville one of the leading operations in the company. Jones will now be directing the sales teams in Greenville, Columbia, Charleston, and Augusta.

Seth Koplin was previously serving as Director of Operations in Nashville, TN. He has been with the company for over four years and in his time has made a significant impact on the Nashville operations during his tenure. Koplin will now be directing the sales teams in Nashville, Knoxville, Fort Myers, and New Orleans.

William Huckaby was serving as Director of Operations in Winston Salem, NC. Huckaby will be celebrating his 15-year anniversary with Bonitz in October. His leadership has helped the Winston Salem branch grow into the successful team that it is today. He will now be directing the sales teams in Winston Salem, Charlotte, Raleigh, and Roanoke.

We wish these leaders the best in their new roles and are confident that they will be instrumental in the future growth and success of Bonitz.

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