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Why the new logo? FAQs

Why did Bonitz Reposition our brand?

Bonitz is known as the premier flooring company in the Southeast, yet we do more than flooring. We’re specialty trade commercial contractors. We design and install custom flooring, walls, ceilings and cladding systems. Some of our customers were unaware that we specialize in terrazzo and resinous flooring, Others didn’t know that we have a strong focus in acoustic ceilings and walls. We also specialize in rain screens and cladding systems, but contractors in some markets were unaware. By promoting the rebranding, we’re getting the word out that we offer a full portfolio of services. This puts us in a position to compete in other areas and not just flooring contracts.

What is the new tagline?

We design and install custom flooring, walls, ceilings and cladding systems.

What is different about the logo? What did you change? What did you keep?

When we examined the brand, we took into account the history of Bonitz and the natural progression

into specialties. We wanted to preserve what was loved about the brand while bringing our story up to


The “Circle B”:

The “Circle B” has been a part of the Bonitz brand for as long as we can remember. It holds a place near

and dear to our hearts. Hey – it’s an icon with its own name! We kept the concept of the Circle B yet

wanted something to reflect our energy, our excitement and our offerings. Our Bonitz “B” is now

surrounded by 4 swooshes – each representing a specialty = Flooring, Walls, Ceilings and Cladding.

The Font:

We were not afraid of change. We considered dozens of fonts and the Bonitz name just didn’t look right

to us. We decided to keep our logo in Arial font.

The Color Palette:

The Bonitz colors are green and black. Our previous palette included 6 colors. This was convenient in a

sense, as we could switch out the colors from the palette, depending on the environment. Given that

we are in 14 locations, AND we offer specialty services across the board, we wanted people to be certain

that yes, we’re the same Bonitz in Raleigh as Fort Myers. The choice to narrow it down to two colors was

to keep our brand consistent in any environment.

Did all of Bonitz locations change to the new look?

Yes, the Bonitz brand has been changed online and in internal communications. We will roll out external

signage four our vehicles and offices over the next two years.

How can I access the Style Guide?

Click the below link to download our Style Guide.

Download PDF • 15.69MB

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